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Code: B29A

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Avoiding Aggression when Working in the community - Safety Tips [B29A]

Par ASSTSAS | 2002


This booklet presents precautionary tips from the experience gained over the years by home helpers, nurses, social workers, educators and street workers. They all meet the same priority: the safety of the intervener in case of aggression.

Presented in a simple, concise and eminently concrete way, the brochure covers many of the situations experienced by stakeholders. The tips are geared towards the identification of the dangers, the planning of the flight or the strategic withdrawal of the speaker.

Content of the brochure:

  •     Who do I deal with?
  •     Maneuvers of recognition
  •     Safe travel
  •     Hide his treasures
  •     Never alone
  •     Prepare your exit
  •     Good reasons and white lies